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Wraps & Baps is run by two close friends who share a love for cooking and travel.


After finishing his A levels, Sam travelled widely through Brazil. During this time, he realised his passion for food and on returning to the UK he trained to be a professional chef.

Since then he has enjoyed producing consistently excellent food, using fresh, organic ingredients. 


Working closely with local farmers in his home town of Bradford-on-Avon, Sam has developed a simple approach to food with high quality and sustainability in mind. 

Flynn is half Welsh & half South African and has spent much of his time travelling through Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In 2016 he hitchhiked over 10,000km across sub-Saharan Africa. This extensive travel exposed him to a vast array of cuisines and flavours.

Flynn has considerable experience in the catering and hospitality industry, having funded his travels through working as a barista, barman and chef. He also freelances as a management consultant for guesthouses in England & Scotland. 

With their combined experience, Sam and Flynn devise menus with a huge spectrum of flavours that are guaranteed to satisfy all palates with a thorough focus on great Welsh produce!


Wraps & Baps dishes, for the most part, are a range of mainly homemade filling combinations served in either a sourdough bap or a soft-flour tortilla. The dishes have been devised with inspiration from around the world, aiming to exhibit a wide range of global cuisines.

Our baps mostly cover the breakfast aspect of our menu. These dishes are relatively simple, with a strict focus on good quality, local ingredients. Something we feel important for a breakfast menu from our years of working as chefs in local organic farm shop cafés. As well as our free-range egg, smoked bacon and vegetarian sausage filled baps, we offer our own granola with compote and honey yoghurt.

Our wraps include fillings such as our Levantine Super Food Falafels. With these dishes, we take authentic recipes from different countries and add a contemporary and healthy twist but still packed with great flavour. These recipes have been tweaked and perfected in our time spent travelling and cooking in professional kitchens. We are very focused on combining a vast array of great ingredients with, for example, our Pimento Shak Jerk Chicken marinade containing 14 different ingredients!


Everything is prepared on site and this freshness comes through in our dishes.

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